About Our Automobiles

The Best Deal We Have To Offer

The best we have to offer is the savings we pass on to our customers. The mathematical facts are, we have far less over head and cost. Therefore, we can afford to sell cars “CHEAPER.” We are a small family owned dealership and would like to keep it that way. We are small but have the capacity and blue print to sell a lot of cars at a much cheaper cash price.

Our operation is simple. Everything we do is designed for the total satisfaction of our customers. We believe that if we can provide you with a quality product at a cheaper price while providing you the best service and care, we will be extremely successful.

We care about our customers and we hate to hear the horrible stories from good hard working people paying up to 5 times more than what the car is worth only to lose the automobile by repossession from the bank or dealer because that same over priced automobile broke down not long after you purchased it. Trust me, it happens all of the time. Now you have lost all of your down payment money, your payments and your car. Now worse, you still need

Don’t allow this happen to you, or happen to you again. Our cash price program is cheap and affordable. Our automobiles are solid and are all running great and inspection ready. We pride ourselves on our great strong running used automobiles. We have all professional buyers who all have great expertise in auto wholesale purchasing.

If you must finance, let us give you the lowest cost and best finance options on one of our affordable automobiles.

We Also Take Our Cars Through Strong Test Drives

Before we sell any automobile to our customers, each car is taken on an extended test drive up to 75 miles just to make sure our vehicles are up to our performance standards before its sold to our customers.

Our maintenance and quality assurance department is the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on selling good clean cars that will last and perform for our customers.